Bigg Boss 12 winner is Dipika Kakar

Bigg Boss 12 finale is here and the consuming inquiry existing apart from everything else is: which one of the best five finalists will lift the victor's trophy amid BB12 finale and bring home the prize cash of Rs 50 lakh. Five competitors have made it to the last round including Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, Karanvir Bohra and Sreesanth. Host Salman Khan has been always enquired about the contender who has the greatest number of group of onlookers cast a ballot yet it appears to be even he doesn't know about the last champ. Be that as it may, a HT Poll was directed for the watchers to vote in favor of the candidate they think has the right to win the show.

According to the HT Poll results, Dipika and Sreesanth appear to be the hot top choices among the watchers. While Dipika drives the race with 28% votes, Sreesanth keeps close at 25%. Romil Chaudhary, an ordinary citizen from Haryana and the artist from Bihar, Deepak Thakur have 18% and 15% votes, individually. In the mean time, TV star Karanvir Bohra appears to have missed out in the race with simply 10% votes.

This makes Dipika and Sreesanth the best contenders of the victor's trophy. The two offer a sibling sister bond in the house and remain by one another through various challenges. In any case, the two are posts separated with differentiating identities. While Sreesanth has been exceedingly forceful and cranky, Dipika has been the quiet and stately one in the house.

Proceeding onward to the ousted Bigg Boss challengers who motivated the chance to invest a great deal of energy with one another, Sreesanth appears to have won their hearts in the house. Megha Dhade had anticipated Sreesanth, Dipika and Karanvir among the main three while Jasleen Matharu wanted to see Sreesanth win. She had stated, "I truly feel from my heart that Sreesanth should win Bigg Boss. He has the right to win due to what he has experienced. He has likewise heard a great deal from the hopefuls about his wounds, his boycott and other individual things. Individuals were bringing up issues and ridiculing him. Regardless of this, he has been persistent and carries on well with everybody appropriately has the right to win this show."
Then again, Salman had himself called Dipika a standout amongst the most honorable challengers in the house. Shivashish Mishra, who was removed from the show for not following the guidelines of the house, named Sreesanth as his first decision for the champ. He had stated, "My first decision is Sreesanth, in the event that he holds his resentment under tight restraints. He isn't only fit for influencing it to the best three yet he to can be a victor too. My second name is Romil. Regardless of what he does, it is for the amusement and he generally substantiates himself. At that point, there ought to be some opposition among Dipika and Karanvir." Another removed hopeful Srishty Rode needs Karanvir to win.

Will Sreesanth truly win the Bigg Boss 12? Or on the other hand will the group of onlookers not pardon his forceful demeanor in the house and vote in favor of Dipika? We'll discover today around evening time.

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